Private Tutors – Why You Should Hire Them to Do the NBTI Chemistry Exam Help

It is not the case that only trained and qualified teachers can prepare students for the National Board of Chemistry (NBBC) set exam in Kerala. Several parents in Kerala have hired private tutors to help them with the preparation. This article highlights the advantages of hiring private tutors for the examination.

First of all, private tutors have the experience and have been teaching for many years. Thus they are well versed with the methodology followed by a local school or institution of higher learning. They are aware of the contents in the syllabus of the university. They are also aware of the national curricula.

Secondly, private tutors have the capacity to assess the level of performance of students in terms of theoretical knowledge. Thus, they can gauge whether the student’s ability to think logically is at par with that of the other students. They also know the time taken to write the essay.

If a student has not written his own paper before the examination, then a private tutor would have knowledge about the curriculum of the National Board of Chemistry. They can therefore tell whether the student has mastered the necessary knowledge of the subject or not.

Furthermore, if the students lack the discipline to sit for an examination then they are often at a loss. If the student hires a private tutor who knows how to improve the knowledge in the subject before the examination, he will be able to retain the necessary knowledge and provide suggestions on how to improve the questions and answer the exam.

The last but not the least advantage is that the students can focus on the physics and chemistry earlier than the other parts of the exam. This allows them to focus on solving the problems and providing an excellent answer.

The study materials for the previous question papers of the chemistry exam are available in the library of the college. But, the syllabus is not as precise as the syllabus of the other subjects.

Therefore, if a student cannot find out anything about the syllabus of the subjects taught in his local school, he can look up the internet. There are many websites which provide the necessary information on the syllabus of the subject.

On the other hand, private tutors have years of experience in teaching. They know how the teachers instruct the students and how they react to the student’s behavior.

Moreover, they have read the recent study done by the National Council of Teachers Education. They can tell whether the study material is similar to the ones given in the syllabus of the National Board of Chemistry.

Thus, the advantages of hiring private tutors to do the exam in the first place. The student is motivated and acts efficiently.

Besides these advantages, private tutors also have some disadvantages. The fact that they cannot provide quality feedback regarding the students’ performance during the test or the students’ low marks is one of the most important disadvantages.

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