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I recently gave a presentation to an undergrad chemistry class and the instructor told the students that the first of four steps was to write an essay on an organic chemistry midterm exam answer. Many students balked at this requirement, but it was a requirement for the course and he felt that the students needed to understand what it was all about. The instructor also explained that this semester’s assignment is actually part of a whole year of tests and essays that need to be written.

I actually took the college level test that was required for my degree from a high school and remember how long it took. I don’t have any problem writing essays because I’ve always written in the first person so that it is clear what I’m writing about. But a midterm exam? This is definitely a point of contention for many students.

I decided to do some research on my own to find out if my classmates thought the organic chemistry midterm exam was too difficult. I found out that most students think that the test is fair, although there were a few more critiques than usual. Also, there were a few students who told me that they tried their best but just could not get their points across. Apparently, many students think that the materials are too dry and boring.

The instructor admitted that the work-hard test may be difficult but did not think that it was so difficult that the average student couldn’t prepare for it. Besides, he said, he has actually gone over the test with students and it wasn’t as bad as it seemed to be.

I agree that if the teacher has actually done the assignment, then he should be held accountable for what is being graded for the essay assignments. Of course, the teacher can hide behind the fact that they don’t grade them.

However, in my experience, the essays are usually fairly easy to write but still require some guidance from the teacher. Of course, we should all try to help our professors and keep them from making the test harder and more stressful.

I certainly didn’t see too many essays that were challenging or lengthy. The only time that I really heard someone complain about the essays is when it seemed like they went on for days.

In my opinion, the professor should make it easier for the students to write the essays. Yes, the essay is part of the test but the essay should be one that is intended to teach the students something. After all, we’re taking an organic chemistry class and they are writing about chemistry.

The organic chemistry midterm exam is difficult, but you really need to understand what the questions mean and how they are to be answered before you attempt the question. For some of the essay questions, you can type in your answer online and then submit it electronically.

When I ask my fellow students about their experiences, they say that they wrote some of the essays online or simply did a classroom discussion about what they were going to write. I usually thought that the easiest way to go about getting the best essay would be to speak to a professor who had already completed the course.

It’s a bit frustrating to come home from a course only to find that your essays are too easy because you were unable to really prepare for it. If the instructors are doing their job, then it shouldn’t be hard to get it right. It’s better to have a tough course and then to write essays that are slightly less challenging than to read an article about the problems and then write the same problems back in.

If you’re taking the organic chemistry course because you need a college credit, then you need to understand that it’s not like a school psychology class. Sometimes, a little bit of homework may not seem like much. but that will be a huge time saver and will save you a lot of money.

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